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Attention Juno Customers!

If you are currently using or considering using Juno's free e-mail and internet service, be aware of a recent change in policy which may adversely affect you.
If you "overuse" their service, you may periodically receive an announcement stating that you cannot use their service prior to 4 AM Eastern time.

According to the head of Juno's Corporate Help Desk and confirmed through the President's Office, individuals receiving this message will not only be prevented from accessing their service for the entire day! but there's also no guarantee as to when you will be able to do so the next time.

This effectively means that you may or may not have access to Juno's services today, tomorrow, or who knows when!   There's just no way to know!

In addition, should you wish to contact Juno for any reason, it must be done so STRICTLY through e-mail.   In fact, their Customer Service staff will NOT even provide you with an address should you wish to actually send a physical letter.   This, despite the fact they are a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ and their corporate address and phone number are readily available.

We feel these are not in the best interest of the general public and if you agree, please let them know.