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Ronald Auerbach
Software Training and Consulting

702 Fifth Avenue South, # 8
Kent, WA   98032-6026
Phone: 206-355-8304     Fax: 253-813-2452
PC Undercover video

Thank you for your possible interest in our latest video, PC Undercover.   This video has been specially designed for those of you:

  1. Curious about how a computer actually works and its various parts,
  2. Thinking of or actually buying or upgrading a computer, or
  3. Are considering a career as a PC Tech.
In just 2 hours, you'll discover so much that it's hard for us to list everything, but there are definitely things you might not even be aware of!

Just take a look at what you'll learn:

  1. Basic terminology so you can "speak like the pros,"
  2. How to shop: preventing yourself from being taken advantage of,
  3. About computer parts: what they are and how they work,
  4. Styles of computers, cases, and motherboards,
  5. About memory: why it's so vital, its different types, and how to install,
  6. About your hard drive: how it works, how to install and tell when it's dying, and why some computers can't handle those huge capacity drives,
  7. About the processor or CPU: how to distinguish among the diferent types, which are interchangeable and which are not, plus how to install.
plus lots of other valuable tips and tricks along the way!

And best of all, it's done entirely in plain and simple English, so you won't need a Ph.D. to follow along.

Order your copy today by sending a check or money order for just $15.95, which includes shipping & handling, payable to Ron Auerbach.