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Lesson 5: Hyperlinks

As mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial, a hyperlink or link as it's more commonly called, is a way to move from one location on a web page to another.

A good analogy would be to pretend you're going on vacation.   You go to airport, board a plane, and then arrive at your destination.

Well, in HTML:

Hyperlink Types

There are several kinds of hyperlinks, including:

  1. moving from one page to another within the same website,
  2. moving from a page in one website to another page in a different site,
  3. access to an e-mail program, such as Outlook or Lotus Notes,
  4. access to files on the computer, and
  5. moving from one part of a page to another part on the same page, commonly referred to as a "bookmark."   Because this one is a bit more complicated than the rest, it is not covered in this tutorial.

Basic structure of any link

Before discussing each of above, let us first see what the basic structure of any link is in HTML:
(a href="xxx")yyy(/a)
where "xxx" is your destination and "yyy" represents your plane (the text you would click on to arrive at your destination).
Now common sense would tell you that you would first tell HTML what you click on, and secondly, where you want to go afterwards.

Well HTML doesn't work that way!