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Ronald Auerbach
Software Training and Consulting

702 Fifth Avenue South, # 8
Kent, WA   98032-6026
Phone: 206-355-8304     Fax: 253-813-2452
Price-break specials

We are pleased to offer you 3 price-break specials:

  1. Beginning web design tutorial--learn basic HTML without needing a Ph.D.
  2. Intermediate web design tutorial--a great follow-up to our beginning tutorial!
  3. Basics of Computers video--perfect for those buying or upgrading a computer
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Learn HTML the "easy way" Part 1

Buying our Basic HTML tutorial will not only teach you the basics of HTML, but will also show you what it takes to design a great site.

Packed with tons of helpful hints, techniques, and exercises this tutorial is perfect for anyone wishing to learn HTML or expand their knowledge.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn:

  1. Important differences between various browsers,
  2. What software, if any is needed to design a site,
  3. Basic terminology that's presented in plain and simple English,
  4. Changing fonts and colors,
  5. Using tables

All for just $8.95! including shipping & handling.

Order your copy today by sending a check or money order and we'll ship it right out to you.

Learn HTML the "easy way" Part 2

Like our beginning tutorial, this follow-up is equally valuable and filled with lots of examples and useful info.  You'll learn about:
  1. adding and manipulating images,
  2. creating and using frames,
  3. creating and using forms

All in plain and simple English, and for just $8.95! including shipping & handling.