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Ronald Auerbach
Software Training and Consulting
Awards Program
We thank you for your interest in applying for our award.   It is designed for business websites whose design and content provide something which is both appealing and useful.   If you think you have such a site, then go for it!


1. Design

Site must be designed for ease of use and navigation.   Links must work and there must not be any under construction type notices.   Color scheme must be pleasing to the eye.   And finally, site must have a clear purpose and mission.

2. Graphics

Any graphics must load quickly and seem to have a purpose, not just there taking-up space.

3. Load Time

Pages must load quickly at varying modem speeds.

4. Coding

HTML and any other page coding must be correct, along with spelling and grammar.

5. Browser Compatibility

Site must be compatible with differing browsers including Internet Explorer and Netscape.   In addition, site must operate properly under differing versions of these.

6. Review Time

Sites will be viewed at various times within a 30 day period following submission.   Should your site be judged a winner, it could come at anytime during this period.   Due to possible volume and time constraints, non-winners may not be notified.   If you win our award, you will be provided with appropriate coding, which may not be modified without consent.

Site name         Date submitted

Brief description of site

Contact name       Phone
E-mail       Address

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